Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Limerick(by Matthias and Dyan)

There was a girl in New York City,
She wanted to be famous and wanted to be pretty
She sold her soul
And when she grew old
Her death, oh it was such a pity 

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Yours truly

Friday, October 28, 2011


By Ash, Cassandra, Matthias, Marion.

The fire starts crackling
The children starts screaming
A baby is crying
And her hair is sizzling
Her mother is wailing
Till the glass starts shattering
Upstairs you hear a thumping
Now she’s started shrieking
Her fats went boing
And the building went boom

Limerick (By Ash & Guowen)

There was a gangster who likes to fight.
He always comes out at night.
He still living with his mother.
When his mother call, he don't bother.
Every time his mother look for him, he will be in fright.

Cupcake Fantasy

Whip zip varoom zoom,
Went the old man on a broom.
Zooming around all night long,
Wearing only a bright red thong.

Plonk he went, into the pool
With a gurgle and a bloop, what a silly old fool.

Swish and swirl came a little girl,
Splishing and splashing making a hurl.
Out stretched her hand; a beacon of hope,
The old man hollered, ”THAT WAS DOPE!”.

Stimuli for poetry writing

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The chefs murmur.
Pots and pans clang.
The kettle whistles.
The oil sizzles.
The fire blazes.
The waiter enters the dining room with a plate of steaming mushrooms.
A rat squeaks.
The woman screams.
The child hiccups.
The old man groans.
The old woman sneezes.
The chinaware shatters.
Knives and forks clatter.
The bottle pops.
Champagne splashes.
The rumbling of feet running out of the restaurant.
The kitchen knife whizzes through the air.
The rat squeals,
Quietly, it sighs.
Tragically, it dies.

Something's wrong with me, I know.